F1 Las Vegas for dummies: Your Complete Guide to the Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 Las Vegas for dummies: Your Complete Guide to the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 is racing in Las Vegas for the first time in 2023! As a beginner to F1, here is an overview of key information to enhance your race weekend experience.

Breaking Down the Las Vegas Circuit

The 3.8 mile track has 14 turns and winds past Las Vegas icons like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and MGM Grand. A half-mile straightaway along the Strip reaches speeds over 212 mph. Tight technical sections behind casinos will challenge drivers. The track's high speeds and close walls make car setup crucial.

Key Terminology to Know

  • Grand Prix - A F1 race weekend comprising practice, qualifying, and the main race.
  • Circuit - The track layout that hosts the Grand Prix.
  • Grid - Starting positions where cars line up before the race.
  • Qualifying - Timed session to determine grid positions based on fastest lap times.
  • Pit Lane - Area where cars enter for pit stops to change tires and make repairs.
  • Pit Stop - When a car pulls into the pits to change tires or fix damage.
  • DRS - Drag Reduction System that opens a rear wing flap to give cars a speed boost.
  • ERS - Energy Recovery System that harvests waste energy to boost power.
  • Safety Car - Special car that controls pack speed during cautions.
  • Championship Points - Points awarded to drivers/teams based on race results.
  • Tyres - Interchangeable rubber tires tailored for weather and track conditions.
  • Downforce - Aerodynamic grip pushing cars into the track to allow faster cornering.
  • Overtaking - When one car passes another during the race.
  • Fastest Lap - Quickest single lap time set during the race.
  • Stewards - Officials who enforce rules and investigate on-track incidents.
  • Pole Position - P1 grid spot reserved for the fastest qualifier.
  • Formation Lap - Optional lap done before reaching the grid positions.
  • Blue Flags - Signal for slower cars to let leaders overtake them.
  • Checkered Flag - Flag waved at finish line to end the race.
  • Team Orders - Decisions by teams to dictate driver actions.

Race Week Schedule

F1 weekends have a standard schedule:

Friday - Free Practice 1 & 2

Saturday - Free Practice 3 and Qualifying Sunday - Main Grand Prix Race

Support races and fan events also take place throughout the weekend.

An F1 weekend follows a standard schedule of events for attendees:


Free Practice Sessions - F1 cars take to the track for two 1.5 hour practice sessions in the afternoon and evening. This is your first look at the cars on track and a chance to scout viewing spots.

Support Races - Junior series like F2 and F3 hold practice and qualifying on Fridays. See rising talent in feeder series that support F1.

Fan Festivals - Event organizers host concerts, sponsor events, merchandise shops, racing simulators and more.


Free Practice 3 - A final one hour shakedown session for teams to dial in cars.

Qualifying - A tension-filled hour split into three knockout sessions to set the grid order. Watch drivers push the limits seeking the coveted pole position.

Support Races - Feature races for F2, F3 and other support categories often include exciting wheel-to-wheel action.

Post-Qualifying Concerts - Many host live music performances on Saturday evening after qualifying concludes.


F1 Pit Lane Walks - Fans with select tickets can access the pit and garages to see teams at work.

F1 Driver Autograph Sessions - Your chance to get an autograph from your favorite driver before race start.

Support Races - Overflowing with drama, the final F2 and F3 races crown winners in those championships.

Main F1 Race - The pinnacle event you've been waiting for! On race day, soak in the electric atmosphere before lights out.

Arrive early each day to fully experience everything a Grand Prix weekend has to offer!

Getting Ready for Race Day

  • Pack sun protection like hats, shades, and sunscreen for Vegas heat
  • Wear comfy shoes as you'll be on your feet for hours
  • Bring earplugs for loud engines and music stages
  • Carry a clear bag for event security restrictions
  • Have cash for food, drinks, and merchandise vendors
  • Review circuit maps and plan your ideal viewing spots
  • Arrive early to enjoy pre-race festivities

Top Las Vegas Hotels

Many hotels line the Vegas Strip near the track like Caesars Palace, The Cosmopolitan, and Bellagio. Book well in advance for race weekend. Off-Strip locations can provide cheaper rates.

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