Burn Calories Like an F1 Driver

Burn Calories Like an F1 Driver

Driving a Formula 1 car pushes the human body to its limits. The G-forces, heat, concentration required equate to an intense physical workout. Here we compare calories a driver burns during a race weekend to various exercise equivalents.

F1 Driver Calorie Burn

  • Per race (90 minutes): ~800-1000 calories
  • Practice/qualifying (5 hours): ~3500 calories
  • Race weekend total: ~5000 calories

This calorie burn comes from extreme cardiovascular exertion and muscular endurance needed behind the wheel. Heart rates average around 160 bpm but spike over 200 bpm during intense sections. The workout lasts 1-2 hours with elevated heart rates.

Workout Equivalents

Here are some workouts that burn roughly the same calories as F1 driving:

  • 5-6 hours of tennis singles
  • Running a marathon (26.2 miles)
  • 2 hours of competitive swimming
  • 5 hours mountain biking
  • 6 hours of competitive soccer

Top drivers basically complete Ironman-level exertion over a race weekend!

Match F1 Calorie Burn

Try these workouts to emulate the intensity of driving a F1 car:

  • High intensity cycling - Shoot for 90 minutes cycling with alternating sprints
  • Circuit training - Mix cardio, strength, and minimal rest into a circuit
  • Simulated race - Use a rower, bike, or elliptical for 60-90 minutes varying intensity
  • CrossFit workout - Long workouts with heavy weights and cardio elements

While you may not be pulling 5G on a racetrack, you can still torch calories like an F1 superstar!

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